Spesifikasi Diatone Taycan MXC – Diatone

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Wheelbase: 158mm
Weight: 175g
Paddle size: 3 inch
Top plate: 2mm
Base plate: 2.5mm
Voltage (Recommendation): 4-6S
Flight control mounting hole : 20mm (M2) /30.5mm (M3)
Motor mounting hole position: 12mm
Camera pitch: 19mm, DJI sky end (20mm), compatible with 4K dual camera

Diatone MXC Taycan Versi Analog :

” MXC TAYCAN PNP Analog Version:4S/6S “

Bacaan Lainnya

Camera    : Runcam Nano 2
Antenna  :  FOXEER Lolipop 3
VTX         :  Mamba TX400 400mW
FC            :  Mamba F405 MiniMK3
ESC          :  Mamba F25MK2 /25A 4S ESC Dshot 600/ Mamba F35 /35A 6S ESC Dshot 600
MOTOR   :  MambaRacing MB1408 4000KV/2800KV

Recommend Lipo size:
– 4S:1300-1500mah (Flight time:5-7min
– 6S:1050 -1300mah (Flight time:6-9min)

Diatone MXC Taycan Versi DJI  :

” MXC TAYCAN DJI Version:4S/6S “

Camera    : DJI Air unit
Antenna  : Foxeer Lolipop 3&DJI MMXC
VTX         : DJI Air unit
FC            : Mamba F405 Mini MK3
ESC          :  Mamba F25MK2 /25A 4S ESC Dshot 600/ Mamba F35 /35A 6S ESC Dshot 600
MOTOR   :  Mamba Racing MB1408 4000KV/2800KV
Receiver   :  DJI

Recommend Lipo size:
– 4S:1300-1500mah (Flight time:5-7min)
– 6S:1050 -1300mah (Flight time:6-9min)

MXC TAYCAN BNF Version:4S/6S    PNP Version + Frsky R-XSR

Recommend Lipo size:
– 4S:1300-1500mah (Flight time:5-7min)
– 6S:1050 -1300mah (Flight time:6-9min)


MAMBA TX400 VTX Instructions

• Working Voltage: 5V
• Working Current: 600ma (Sv/ 400mw)
• Working temperature. 97 C
• Video input impedance 750
• Weight 22g
• Size: 24’24 5.5mm
• Antenna connector: ipex
• Video Format NTSC/ PAL
• Output power 14db (25mw, 23db (200mw), 26db (400mw)

• Output power is steadily Transmitted distance Long
[email protected] , 1KM200mw,21 [email protected] (Original antenna)
• Transmit Power 3 Gears switch 25mW/ 200mW/400mW
Support OSD Control
• Outputs 40 Frequency points, and has 8 sets of Racing Paints in E Channel
No interference with each other same time
• Fast Frequency lock Start and Switching Frequency Points do not interfere with a
• Full-format video format NTSC/PAL
• Small size 24mmx24mmx5mm 4-M2 mounting hole
(euuajue bupnpa) 6 am u.

Function diagram :

Frequency Band and Power control methods :

• Support BF OSD remote control
Left Stick push left, the Right Stick Push up, enter BFOSD interface (1-2)

• Frequency Band adjustment
Short press the frequency button to cycle through CH1-CHB.
Long Press and Hold the Frequency Button for 3s to switch the A-R Band,
and Press the Frequency button 6s to Cycle the frequency group automatically

• Power Button adjustment
Short press the Power button to switch the 25mW/200mW / 400mW power range;
Press and Hold for 3 seconds to switch between PIT and Normal power.
In the PIT mode, Press power button 35 automatically returns to the Normal power

• Default setting:
The default frequency is 5740.
And the frequency of the red part is hidden ( Frequency Table 1-3), the default is 25mW.
If you need to use all frequencies and more High power
Please unlock as follows

• Unlocking setting
Press 2 button for 5 seconds at the same time, unlock complete
Lock status: 25mw indicator flashes
Unlocked status 25mw indicator is always on
If it is not unlocked, you will not be able to use the red frequency point in Table 1-3

Frequency Table:

Notes for use:
• Before connect to the lipo, be sure to install the antenna to avoid damage to the IC ;
• Note that the input voltage is within the specified range (5V) and dont mess positive and negative,
Avoid internal components are negatively damaged:
•Using an antenna with lower standing wave and better gain, you can get longer using distance;
• During storage, use and installation, be sure to perform static discharge operation first, or operate on an antistatic table

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